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Minutes of Meetings

Minutes in the current year are available month by month. For prior years an annual PDF archive is available for viewing and downloading.

Update Jan 28 2021:The Minutes archive for the previous year is available now under the 2020 tab. The December 2020 minutes remain here until the February 2021 meeting when January 2021 minutes onwards will be published as and when they are released.

Please note that minutes will not be published until they are approved at the forthcoming meeting. In other words, a meeting held in May wouldn't be published until after the next Council Meeting in June. In the case of the July minutes, they will not be published until after the September meeting as no Parish Council meeting is held in August

UPDATE 07/09/2020: The Frittenden Hardship Fund Minutes have now been moved here

UPDATE 06/05/2021: As there was no Annual Parish Assembly last year the council approved the minutes of the 2019 meeting last night at the 2021 APA held virtually. They are published here for the time being. However in 1 month, they will be moved to the 2019 archive