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List of Councillors

Chairman:        Anthony Staples
Park Cottage
TN17 2AU
Tel: 01580 852226
Email: [email protected]

Vice Chairman:  James Tuke
Appleton Farm Oast
TN17 2EG
Tel: 01580 852372
Email:[email protected] (Mark email FAO: James Tuke)

Lester Gosbee
Manor Farm
Biddenden Road
TN17 2EN
Tel: 01580 852228
Email: [email protected] (Mark email FAO: Lester Gosbee)

Heather Cullingworth
4 The Orchards
Biddenden Road
TN17 2BF
Tel: 01580 852340
Email: [email protected] (Mark email FAO: Heather Cullingworth)

Sarah Murray

01580 852771

Richard Vernon
Corner Farm
Biddenden Road
TN17 2BB
Tel: 01580 852537
Email:[email protected] (Mark email FAO: Richard Vernon)

Rosalind Riley
Broad Oak House
Mill Lane
TN17 2DR
Tel:01580 852317
Email:[email protected] (Mark email FAO: Rosalind Riley)


Parish Clerk 
Emma Nightingale
1 Bettenham Cottages
Bettenham Lane
TN27 8LT
Tel: 01580 292576

E-mail: [email protected]