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Lester's Weather Forecast

Next Week's Weather for Kent, 4th until 10th February

Next Week's Weather for Kent, 4th until 10th February : We have come to the end of a very soggy January. New month, same weather. If you read the Sun newspaper, they predicted that it would be the coldest January on record. It wasn't, but it was the coldest since 2010, but I will wait for official confirmation on that one. The Sun now reports that February will be the coldest on record. It won't be, but for older readers, the coldest February on record was 1947 at - 1.9°c/ 28.88°f. No other February has been colder since 1659. This temperature will not be equalled.

THURSDAY - There will be a few showers in the morning, and more prolonged, heavy showers in the afternoon, possibly even the odd thundery shower. Winds will be south westerly at 8- 12mph. Temperatures will still be mild at 10°c/50°f.

FRIDAY - A drier day, but mostly cloudy with the odd glimpse of brightness. You cannot rule out the odd light shower. Winds will continue south westerly at 6 - 10mph, feeling less mild at 9°c/48°f, still above average.

SATURDAY - Cold air will spread from Scandinavia and there will be the threat of sleet and snow, but low pressure over France could prevent this from happening. I would say that there is a 50%chance at present. Winds will be easterly at 8 - 15mph. Temperatures will be as low as 2°c/ 36°f with a wind chill making it feel like - 4°c/25°f.

SUNDAY - There will be frost in sheltered areas with temperatures of - 1°c/30°f. There will be a little brightness and the threat of sleet showers. Again it will feel bitterly cold. Winds will be easterly at 7 - 12mph, with temperatures of 1 to 2°c/around 35°f.

MONDAY - Another frosty start. I think that it will be the best chance of us seeing some snow showers almost anywhere in Kent. We could see 1 - 4cms/0.5 to 2 inches of snow. Winds will be south easterly at 4 - 8mph and temperatures at 3°c/37°f.

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY - Continuing cold with wintery showers at times. Winds will be easterly or south easterly. Temperatures will be at 2 - 4°c/36 - 39°f. If we do get any laying snow, it will thaw by day.