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Lester's Weather Forecast

Next Week's Weather for Kent: 10th until 16th September 2020.

The highest temperature in Europe this summer was 45.6 c/114.1 f in Xylothymnou, Cyprus. Over here this August, the nights were often too warm for sleeping. Frittenden'warmest night was on 12th at 19.11 c/66.38 f and Langton Bay, near Dover had an even hotter night at 21.2 c/70.16 f. By contrast, Bank Holiday Monday in Frittenden had a day MAXIMUM temperature of 17.66 c/63.68 f. The Central England Temperature for August was 17.6 c/63.68 f 3.24 f above average. It was the warmest August since 2004, which had the same CET as this August. Today (Wednesday) has been pleasantly warm with long sunny spells. Frittenden is likely to reach temperatures of 25 c/77 f.

THURSDAY - A weak cold front passed through late yesterday, and high pressure is now in control. Wind will be light and northerly. It will be a day of patchy cloud and sunny spells. Temperatures will struggle to get past 20 c/68 f. A chilly night will follow, with temperatures dropping to 7 c/45 f in Frittenden.

FRIDAY - Another cool start, with temperatures at 9 c/48 f, but it will be bright. Cloud will build during the morning, but there will still be some sunny spells. The average temperature is 20 c/68 f, and we don't get back to that average again until mid June 2021. Friday should reach 21 c/70 f.

SATURDAY - Another coolish start. The wind will continue northerly or north westerly. There will be some good sunny spells, and temperatures will be around 21 c/70 f, possibly higher at 23 c/73 f along the South Coast.

SUNDAY - We have lost that northerly breeze, and the wind is now southerly. We will enjoy a late burst of summer. Long sunny spells will be mixed with some fair weather cloud. Temperatures will be at 24 c/75 f. Sea temperatures are now at their highest at around 18.3 c/ 65 f, so make the most of it if you can.

MONDAY - A mini heatwave, a warm night with temperatures at 15 c/59 f. It will be a day of almost unbroken sunshine, and just a few wisps of fair weather cloud. Temperatures will be around 28 c/82 f.

TUESDAY - A day almost the same as Monday, except that the southerly breeze will be a bit more prominent at 5 - 8mph. Temperatures should touch 26.7 c/80 f.

WEDNESDAY - Winds will be back south westerly. Atlantic Air will bring in a lot more cloud, but there will still be some good sunny spells. East Kent is the most favoured place for the best of the weather. There could be an isolated light shower also in the mix. Temperatures will be back to 23 c/73 f.