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Lester's Weather Forecast

Next Week's Weather for Kent, 17th-22nd Sept

Tuesday's heavy rain in places caused some local flooding. East Kent haf12mm/almost half an inch of rain in a very short space of time. Tower Bridge in London also flooded. In Frittenden I recorded less than a millimetre of rain.

FRIDAY- A chilly, misty start for some, a proper "hop-picking " morning. The fog will soon clear to give a blue sky a sunny morning. There will be a little bit of high cloud, making the sunshine a bit milky. Winds will be southwesterly, very light. Temperatures will be at 21°c/70°f.

SATURDAY- The is the possibility that there could be some overnight rain, but the day will be largely dry with variable amounts of cloud. There could be the odd passing light shower. Winds will be easterly at 2 -5mph with temperatures of 20°c/68°f.

SUNDAY-A very similar day to Saturday, but there could be a little more sunshine in a very light north-easterly wind, so quite a good weekend weather wise. Sea temperatures will be around 18.4°c/65°f, the best it will get if you fancy a dip

MONDAY to WEDNESDAY-Higher pressure could bring us fine weather for most of the week. There will be sunny spells on most days. We will maintain the northerly or easterly flow. Temperatures will back to an average 19°c/66°f. The odd night if skies remain clear, temperatures could fall to 7°c/45°f, 4°c/39°f on the ground. The Central England Temperature for August was 15m8°c/ 60.44°f. The average CET is 16.1°c/ 60.98°f. The Met Office say that this Summer was the 9th warmest on record. Having said that some places in the South East had their dullest August on record. Sunshine records go back to 1929.