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Lester's Weather Forecast

Next Week's Weather for Kent (and specifically Frittenden) for 9th until 15th July

July has so far been disappointing weather-wise, just as COVID 19 restrictions are starting to ease. It hasn't really been the weather for sitting in pub beer gardens, but Frittenden has been missing much of the rain, until Wednesday (today), when we had 12mm/almost half an inch. That was our wettest day since 5th March when we had 11mm, so we had 126 days with rainfall of less than 10mm/0.4 inch. So far this July, Frittenden has only had one day with temperatures above the average of 22.5 c/ 72.50 f, on 7th. We have had night minimum temperatures of 8 c/46.4 f, values that you would expect in early May or mid-October.

THURSDAY - Low pressure is in charge, so expect a damp, drizzly day with some day overcast spells. Clouds may thin at times, and we may even see a sunset around 9.14pm. Winds will be south westerly at 2 - 5mph, with temperatures around 19-20 c/66-68 f at best.

FRIDAY - High pressure is starting to build, so I hope that you made the best of the rain. The weather will be dry for the coming week. There will be some sunshine through partial cloud. We should reach temperatures of 20 - 21 c/ around 69 f.

SATURDAY - The Azores high is building, starting to disperse cloud cover. The cloud will come and go a bit throughout the day. Winds will be southerly, and south westerly at times. Temperatures will reach 21-22 c/71 f.

SUNDAY - The warmest, sunniest day of the weekend, with the possibility of 12 hours of sunshine. There will be a little breeze from a southerly direction. Temperatures will rise to 23- 24 c/around 74 f. It will feel much more like summer.

MONDAY - High pressure is still in charge, but there will be a little more cloud than there was on Sunday, maybe 10 hours of sunshine. Again there will be a noticeable breeze from a southerly direction, just enough to keep the temperatures pleasant at 24-25 c/76 f. Each day the temperatures will be creeping up a shade.

Tuesday-My sister in law HEATHER CULLINGWORTH's 50th Birthday--A warm Summers day, with broken cloud and long sunny spells. Winds will be from the south and may veer to the south-east or even back south westerly at only 4 - 7mph with temperatures of 25 c/77 f.

WEDNESDAY - St. Swithen's Day. It will not rain, and contrary to folklore it will not rain for 40 days, or remain fine for 40 days either. I will be surprised if 10 of the 40 days will record any rain (up to 24th August). Wednesday will be a very similar day to Tuesday.