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FPC Hardship Fund


Frittenden Hardship Fund

Are you in financial need as a result of the COVID 19 situation?

Unable to access any of the Government Schemes at the moment?

If so we may be able to give you some help. 

Frittenden Parish Council has set up a Hardship Fund, funded entirely by voluntary donations from local residents, in response to this situation.  Small grants will be available to Frittenden residents.  Applications will be assessed promptly and if successful payment can be made directly into your bank account.  If you wish to claim please contact any of the names below or any Parish Councillor. 

Would you like to contribute to this fund?  If so you can make a bank transfer to a dedicated bank account in the name of Frittenden Parish Council:

Sort code:         60-83-01

AC no:                20422723

(or by cheque payable to Frittenden Parish Council, 1 Bettenham Cottages, Bettenham Lane, Biddenden, TN27 8LT)

Details of applications and donations will be treated in strict confidence in accordance with the rules of the Hardship Fund. 

Contact details:

Email: [email protected] or phone

Tony Staples             852226                        Heather Cullingworth     852340

Rosalind Riley          852317                        Garry Lawrence                 852124

Phil Betts                   852243

Frittenden Parish Council

3 April 2020

FPC Hardship Fund - Rules

1.  Authorisation of the Hardship Fund

A Hardship Fund was authorised by Frittenden Parish Council (“FPC”) on 24th March 2020 (”the Fund”).

2. Criteria for awarding grants

  • Applicants to the Fund must be resident in the Parish of Frittenden (i.e. on the latest electoral roll or whose residence can be confirmed by a member of FPC).
  • Applicants must be able to show financial need arising as a result of the COVID19 pandemic which is not otherwise covered by statutory bodies under the various government schemes.  This need could be due to loss of income or additional expense.  Applicants will be expected to provide a brief explanation of the circumstances which necessitate their application.  Supporting evidence may be requested at the discretion of an authorising committee of FPC.

At a meeting on 24th March FPC set up the authorising committee (“the Committee”) comprising the Chairman and Cllrs Riley and Cullingworth.  The Committee has the power to co-opt one member from outside FPC to assist in its work.

Meetings of the Committee will comply with FPC Standing Orders, subject to any modifications permitted under the COVID19 emergency legislation being enacted.  If possible, these meetings will take place by electronic means during the present COVID 19 emergency.

Committee Meetings will be public unless it has been resolved that the public should be excluded (e.g. for reasons of confidentiality) and will be minuted by the Clerk to the Council.  All published minutes will anonymise personal data but full records of all transactions will be maintained and available for inspection by the Council’s internal auditor.

3. Submission of claims

Claims should be made via any member of FPC, who will pass the claim and all supporting details to the Committee.  All claims should be copied to the Clerk.

4. Payment

Payments will be subject to a maximum £500 but the Committee will have the discretion to make further payments in cases of sustained hardship.

The Committee will aim to respond within 48 hours of receiving evidence of need and make payment to beneficiaries within 48 hours of its decision. The Chair of the Committee will send an email request to the Clerk (c.c. the FPC Chair and FPC Vice Chair) formally requesting that funds be released.  Payment will be made by whatever means are most appropriate in the circumstances.  Claimants will be expected to acknowledge receipt of funds

5. Publicising the Hardship Fund

The Fund will be publicised on the Council Website and Notice Board, Frittenden Community Facebook, Parish Magazine and by other means deemed appropriate by the Committee.

6. Collecting contributions

The Fund will be financed by public donations made payable to Frittenden Parish Council.  Donations will be personally acknowledged on receipt.

7. Financial arrangements


A dedicated account will be opened with Unity Trust Bank in the name of Frittenden Parish Council

Accounting and audit

All receipts and payments to be accounted for by FPC Responsible Financial Officer (Mrs Emma Nightingale).  Any additional costs incurred as a result of additional work to be borne by FPC, subject to statutory limits governing payments under S137 of LGA 1972.

All records will be subject to the annual independent review of FPC’s accounts (FPC’s year-end is 31st March).

8. Duration of Fund

The Fund will remain in operation while the COVID 19 controls continue and will be wound up no later than six months after the lifting of these controls, the exact date to be at the discretion of FPC.

FPC has resolved that any surplus funds, once all claims on the funds have been settled, be passed to Frittenden Memorial Hall Trust unless donors stipulate at the time of donation that their share of any surplus funds should be returned to them. 

9. Confidentiality

Donors and beneficiaries to remain confidential and not to be identified by name in any public meeting.

10. Revision of rules

FPC to be allowed to amend rules during the life of the fund, subject unanimous agreement of councillors, and subject to the legal limitations on the powers of parish councils.